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Calcium sulphate in application of friction materials

Application in friction materials

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1. Our material is green generation for aids of reinforcement and toughness in  friction linings/shoes/pads.  Its fiber-like structure gives improved friction stability while reducing cracking.  Especially,  item no. NP-M06 blending into formulations can not only increase strength of friction materials, but also improve shear strength and impact strength.

2. Our material is good at stabilizing friction coefficient. Moreover, with more percentage (recommendation dosage: 8% to 15%, Maximum 20%), this effect will more obvious. The actual dosage is subject to customers’formulation design.

3. Our material has good effect in friction wear. Additionally, it stabilizes friction coefficient and good abrasive resistance when braking temperature rises higher. (Material Heat resistance: is 1000℃ and Melting Point is 1450℃).

4. Our material hardness (Mohs) is 3 which is moderate material for brake discs.

5. Comparing with previous formulation without our material, after you blended our material into formulation to be developed, it slightly soften friction materials which will be much more moderate. Therefore, the customers will feel comfort when braking.

6. Our material not produce black ashes, but it can reduce phenomenon of falling ash when braking.

6.1. Our product is made from food-grade gypsum which is free from asbestos, heavy metal and other harmful matters.

7. In Semi-metallic or lower-Metallic formulations, our material can reduce some percentage of steel fiber. (For example, if 18% of steel fiber in previous formulation, 4% of steel fiber can be replaced by our material more or less).  Meantime, this replacement makes steel fiber fluffy and reduces friction materials density so as to reduce its noise.

8. From technology arts, our material can’t rise noise in formulation. While because the hardness of mineral fiber, steel fibers, ceramic fibers are usually higher with shots unavoidably, commonly these fibers lead to noise.

9. With our material dosages, you can reduce some proportions of other powders in developing formulation. Meanwhile, our material is easy to be mixed and dispersed which properties modify resins properties. Our customers found it is more noticeable bonding function in collaborating with resins by adding more percentage of our material. By this process, resins percentage will moderately reduce which indirectly decreased costs and enhanced competitiveness of final friction material.

10.  Our material can partly or completely replacement of other crystallic fiber (CaCO3 Fiber, Potassium Titanate Fiber,etc.) but properties and performances keep the same/ are optimized. Among all fiber-like materials, our material cost is lowest and indirectly enhance competitiveness of friction material.

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