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Characteristics of Calcium sulphate in applications of resin grinding wheel

Applications in resin grinding wheel

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1.Calcium Sulphate is a new type of filler.

Being its natural gifts of high dispersion, of better grabbing with Phenolic/Epoxy resins liquids, once intensively mixing, Calcium Sulphate will be evenly in resin core binder. When temperature rising and lower in process of blending, this material functions cross-link of increasing shear strength and impact strength at finished wheels.

2.This material has energy absorption performance in composites. In collaboration with other fillers, the material binding with resins, Life span of wheels can improve around 20%.


3.Adding Calcium Sulphate can be appropriately reduced some portions of cryolite. The ending product guarantees its sharpening. Meanwhile, grinding efficiency increases.

4.Calcium Sulphate performance good when temperature rising to 1000℃.

5.Its hardness: 3-4 which is moderate material. It doesn’t damage mould.

6.It can lower your costs when Calcium Sulphate is mixed into formulations which are related resin bonded cutting off wheel or resin grinding wheels. By Calcium Sulphate adding, you may reduce resin powder dosage, thus it lower costs of formula. Hence, your wheels are competitive in market.

7. It makes the wheels resistant to breakage and bending

8. Calcium Sulphate has stable chemical properties:

   Will not undermine the strength of bond and has a reinforcing effect.

   Raw material is selected finest from food-grade gypsum. Morever, this material

   has green material by SGS inspection without containing heavy metals and

   harmful matters.    

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