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Fibrous Magnesium Oxysulfate NP-YW2 TDS

Release time:2020-02-18 15:52

Product Name: Fibrous Magnesium Oxysulfate

Trade Name: NP WHISKER

Item Number: NP-YW2 (Special for Modified Plastics and Engineering plastics Industry)                                  

1. Data Sheet:

Chemical Composition: MgSO4·5 Mg (OH) 2·3H2O

Impurity: Mg (OH) 2

Appearance: White Powder or Loose Particles

Particle Shape: Needle Shape Fiber

Purity (%): ≥96

Length (µm): 3.5–120

Diameter(µm): < 2

L/D Ratio: 8-70

Whiteness (%): ≥93

Density (g/cm3): 2.3

Bulk Density (g/cm3): 0.1-0.3

Moisture Content (%) : <1.0

PH: 9-10.5

2. Package: 

12.5KG/Bag (Inner Plastic Bag plus Kraft Paper Bag Outside).

            50 bags, 375 kg totally with wrapping onto one composite pallet under ISPM-15 regulation.


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