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Company profile

          SHANGHAI FENGZHU NEW MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.(hereinafter called:NP Whisker) is  the professional inorganic fiber manufacturer under Chinese National policy encouragement. Materials are high-tech and  eco-friendly. It was co-founded by many strong companies and  universities and research institutes to form a chain that includes research,experiment,production and sale.

          We have invested 280 million to set up a production base covered the area of 200 Mu in 2013. We have planned to build the production line with the production capacity of 100,000 tons Calcium Sulphate Fiber,100 tons Fibrous Alumi-num Borate,200 tons Fibrous Potassium Titanate and 1000 tons Fibrous Magesium Salt annually. NP has the intellectu-al property of independent production technology,and has the ability of sustainable research and development. It has a number of patent technology in this field.

          NP attaches great importance to application and research investment of products and result in calcium sulphate fiber,successfully application into Friction industry,abrasives,polymers,etc. Moreover,NP has become main drafting committee of “micro-fiber for friction materials” national standards and simultaneously promotes micro-fibers standardiza-tion. We have cooperated with many colleges and universities to eatablish product application research and develop-ment.

         With Np people unremitting efforts,independent brands “NP” and “NP WHIISKER” have deserved higher reputation in related industry. NP adheres to “scientific and technological innovation, green environmental protection”.  For the purpose of people-oriented,technology-based,market-oriented,we are consistently striving for promoting the high-tech industrialization of inorganic crystal fiber.

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