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Application of Calcium sulphate in plastic and composite material industries

Application in plastic and composite material industries

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Compared to add long fiberous materials, Calcium Sulphate can overcome long fibers in complex molds difficult to distribute evenly, prone to poor adhesive areas, material surface is bright  and clean degree of difference, and processing of mould wear serious shortcomings. And due to Calcium Sulphate added, it makes the composite heat resistance performance is improved obviously, the strength of the material mechanical properties after water being boiled, can also be obviously improved.

Calcium sulphate has structure Diameter: 5-15 um , length: 10-300 um). And also talents of high strength and high mould.  It can disperse evenly in plastic (like PP, PA, PBT, PE, ABS, PVC, POM and other kinds of coatings) and then form polymer-fiber composite materials which increases polymer cohesive strength and decrease materials weakness.
 Adding crystal fiber to composite materials can also increase product stability, heat resistance, dielectric property, and decrease contractive rate and water absorption rate, etc. Furthermore, this cross-link structure can be applied in ceramic matrix and metal matrix composite materials to obtain reinforcement effects, and can be applied in paper industry to replace some part of paper making materials. It has widely application in thermal insulation materials as well. Performances:

Among all the inorganic fiber-like structure materials,  cost of Calcium sulphate has the lowest, cost, and it can lower the cost for final products. In resin grinding wheel, when blending Calcium sulphate in formulation developed, you can reduce resin dosages moderately which reduces the cost of resin grinding wheel and increase grinding wheel market competitiveness.

Calcium sulfate has stable chemical properties: does not destroy bonding strength and has a reinforcing effect. Its raw product is selected from food-grade gypsum and we certify by SGS test report that does not contain asbestos, heavy metals and harmful substances. Therefore, this material is very good to meet the requirements of green material.

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