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Release time:2020-03-13 19:02

Product Name:Aluminum Borate Fiber

Trade Name: NP

Item Number: NP-BW2 (Special for high-value Composite, Ceramic coating, super hard knives, etc.)

1. Date Sheet:

Chemical Composition: 9Al2O3・2B2O3

Al2O(Dry basis) (%): 85±2.0

B2O(Dry basis((%): 13±1.0

Length (μm): 10-60

Diameter (μm): 0.3-3.0

L/D Ratio: 20-80

Density (g/cm3): 2.93

PH Value: 6.5±0.5

Melting Point (℃) : 1440

Moisture Content (%)≤ 0.5

Mohs Hardness: 7

2. Package:

10kg/bag (Inner plastic back plus kraft paper bag outside)

30 bags, 300kg totally fixed onto one plywood pallet under International Regulation or as customers’ requests.

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