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Together with the team, pursue the wind, take advantage of the fun

Release time:2023-05-11 17:29

Thought it was a boring city

But met the color of the dream and many beautiful

Please work together, so much scenery in the future

We must go and see for ourselves

In the busy life

Make time to please yourself

Be romantic and loving

The future must be a sea of stars

Always be positive, always be tearful

Always full of pride, always open

All the way forward, the future

A group of people, a road, grow up together

Be thankful, everything is good

Perhaps, this is the meaning of league building ❤

On the way to nature, I can feel the same scenery and experience together with my team partners. While relieving the pressure, I can feel the magnificence of life. After experiencing the significance of cooperation, I can understand the beauty of nature and life.

May 6, 2023, Jiangxi Fengzhu Science and Technology Group construction successfully concluded.

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